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Matt Bird is an international speaker, author and broadcaster who is passionate about relationships, leadership and transformation.

International Speaker

Matt Bird

Matt Bird is an international speaker, author and broadcaster. He has spoken in 30 countries to more than a million people. He has authored 10 books including one which received a ‘Book of the Year’ prize. He writes for The Times newspaper and hosts a television show on TBN TV.

Matt is founder Cinnamon Network International which helps churches transform communities and cities. Cinnamon is well know for replicating church based community projects. In the UK they have identified 30 best community models which have been replicated by 3,500 churches.

Cinnamon has also developed the ground breaking Cinnamon Faith Action Audit. This enables the church in cities to measure their social and economic impact in order to leverage greater civic collaboration. Cinnamon has supported 87 locations in the UK and valued the time given as worth more then £3billion per annum. Cinnamon are now supporting the church in cities around the world to undertake the Faith Action Audit.

Matt Bird

Matt is also the founder of Relationology International which helps businesses grow through the power of relationships. In a marketplace saturated with competitors and where technology is commoditising everything it is relationships that provide the ultimate differentiator and competitive advantage.

He believes that authentic, long term and high trust relationships grow people, teams and businesses. The media magazine Campaign said that, “When Malcolm Gladwell sat at his typewriter and write the chapter on connectors in The Tipping Point, he must have just finished a slap-up lunch with Matt Bird.”

Matt’s philanthropic work has received commendations from successive Governments and Prime Ministers.


Matt Bird is an exceptional communicator  who imparts insightful Biblical principles, practical skills and the belief that you can succeed

Pastor Agu Irukwu - Jesus House & Chair of Redeemed Christian Church of God UK

Matt Bird is a brilliant speaker whose ability to build rapport with an audience coupled with his unique Biblical content makes him one of our favourite guest speakers

Bishop Dr Wayne Malcolm - ICAN Global

Matt knows how to… grab an audience at the outset… keep people listening. He is a great communicator… clear concise… injecting plenty of humour. I can guarantee that everyone will learn something new and useful.

Philip Mills - Office of General Counsel at PwC

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